• Flight times and delays
  • Gates and bays
  • Pax numbers
  • Comments by ground staff / ground services (entered by the merlot.aero AircraftFollow and AircraftPortal applications).
The mobile app is available now on all major mobile platforms, including iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.


This walkthrough illustrates AircraftMobile deployed on an iPhone.

On opening up AircraftMobile for the first time, we are presented with  a registration screen.

Once a user is registered, they always stay logged in.

AircraftMobile - Register

Figure 1. The AircraftMobile Register screen.

AircraftMobile - Home

Figure 2. The  AircraftMobile menu screen. The user can search by Flight, Gate and Bays or Rego or Tail Number. New in version 1.5, the user can also look up flights at their airport using turnaround view.


AircraftMobile - Find Flights - Flights

Figure 3. The AircraftMobile Flight Search screen. The user can search using a choice of parameters, including flight number, designator code, departure and / or arrival port. The user could choose Current Flights to view the upcoming flights in the next few hours, Entire Day to view matching flights for a calendar day, or Custom to perform a multi-day search or specify a start/end time.

AircraftMobile - Find Flights - Gate

Figure 4. The AircraftMobile Gates and Bays Search screen. The user could search for flights departing from the selected gate and/or bay at the selected port.

AircraftMobile - Find Flights - Rego Editing

Figure 5. The AircraftMobile Rego/Tail Number Search screen. The user could search for flights operated using the selected aircraft(s), by entering the full or part of the aircraft rego/tail number.

AircraftMobile - Flight List

Figure 6.The AircraftMobile Flights screen. This screen automatically updates to display live data. The user can sort or filter the search results on this screen. Delayed flights are displayed in red as they may require extra attention. Tapping on a flight number reveals flight details. Tapping on a rego/tail displays more flights flown by the same aircraft.

AircraftMobile - Flight Detail

Figure 7. The AircraftMobile Flight Details screen. The user can view scheduled, estimated and actual flight times, ports, equipment, passenger numbers and detailed delay information here. New in version 1.5, users may update actual departure/arrival times and delays for their home port directly from AircraftMobile.
AircraftMobile - Departures
Figure 8. The AircraftMobile Update Time screen. The user could enter actual departure or arrival times for their home port.

AircraftMobile - Home

Figure 9. The AircraftMobile Update Delay screen. The user could enter or update delay reasons for delayed flights.

AircraftMobile - Home

Figure 10. The AircraftMobile Turnaround Search screen. The user could open the turnaround view at their airport for current flights or flights on a particular day.

AircraftMobile - Turnaround

Figure 11. The AircraftMobile Turnaround screen. The user can see flights arriving and departing from their airport, with delayed flights showing in orange (minor delays) or red (significant delays).

AircraftMobile - Flight Detail

Figure 12. The two buttons near the bottom of the Flight Detail screen allow the user to search for related flights or view the crew list for this flight.

AircraftMobile - Flight Detail

Figure 13. AircraftMobile Related Flights Search options. The user could tap on Related Flights button at bottom of Flight Details screen, which opens a list of search options for the same time period. This is a convenient way to search for related flights without having to go back to the menu screen.

AircraftMobile - Crew Info

Figure 14. AircraftMobile Crew Info screen. The user could view the tech and cabin crew for the flight.

AircraftMobile - Crew Photo

Figure 15. AircraftMobile Crew Photo screen. Tapping on a crew member in Figure 14 displays the crew's photo if available.