Middle Eastern Carriers Enter Growth Phase, With Cloud Support

The growth of low cost carriers in the Middle East is proving a fertile stamping ground for airline operations management software.

We’re pleased to announce that Kam Air of Afghanistan is the latest airline to adopt merlot.aero to deliver all aspects of their airline resource planning and control to ensure operational efficiency while encouraging continuous growth. This relationship marks merlot.aero’s entry into the Middle Eastern market. This commitment, from a respected airline in a growing market is testament to our technology solution and the advantages that merlot.aero provides airlines globally. We are committed to providing airline solutions that improve operational efficiency that paves the way for growth and outstanding customer service via a partnership approach individualised to each and every client. Regardless of whether an airline is a start-up, low cost or long established, high frequency commuter, charter or cargo business we proactively help our clients grow their airline.

Auckland, New Zealand 24 October 2013 – Merlot.aero has just signed a contract with Afghanistan’s Kam Air, kick starting its Middle Eastern market, in a win that CEO and President Mark McCaughan rates as a good stepping stone for the company into one of the world’s fastest growing regions.

The company would open an office in the UAE shortly, he said.

Kam Air will be the first to use the European Data Centre for long term cloud deployment to forecast, organise, plan, predict measure and report on activity to optimise daily aircraft and crew utilisation. It has been operating for 10 years with Kabul as its hub and is Afghanistan’s largest privately-owned airline, operating scheduled domestic passenger services and regional international services. Kam Air’s fleet comprises Boeing 767, A320, MD83/87 and B747 cargo planes. The win comes on the back of industry reports for a profitable six months for low cost carriers in the region, despite regional unrest and political uncertainty.

Regional tourism markets in Arab countries are growing, fuelled by more than a decade of investment by governments. As a consequence, the Middle East’s point-to-point market is seeing significant rise in passenger demand and the Arab Air Carriers Organization reports international traffic within the Arab world has improved to double-digit growth in the first half of 2013.

Low cost carriers in the Middle East are also taking lessons from other developing markets such as Asia and South America, which have demonstrated strong growth on the back of such carriers, particularly where there are large, and young, populations, a high level of mobility and high disposable income.

Mark McCaughan explains that merlot.aero’s SaaS, leveraging cloud technology to deliver software, data access and storage remotely rather than via local servers, provides secure, fast and affordable access to proven decision support tools without large capital outlay.

“With merlot.aero, airline personnel have instant, real-time visibility to critical data and can update and manage operational information anywhere, anytime via a secure connection.”

About Kam Air
With Kabul as its hub, Kam Air is Afghanistan’s largest privately-owned airline, operating scheduled domestic passenger services and regional international services. Its fleet comprises Boeing 767, A320, MD83/87 and B747 cargo planes; Kam Air celebrates its 10th Anniversary this year.

About Merlot Aero Limited
merlot.aero is a New Zealand-based software company with a presence in Australia, Malaysia and Canada. The merlot.aero team has more than 50 years experience collectively in designing, developing and delivering innovative software to the aviation sector. The merlot.aero business continues to rapidly expand its product foot-print in a diverse range of airline operations around the world.

CrewMobile: Allows crew to view and actively manage details of their duty and receive messages via personal mobile. The application's operating system is an agnostic platform and will support windows mobile, android, iPhone and iPad.

AircraftMobile: Enables the distribution, management and remote update of aircraft based information for direct input into the database; doing away with paper forms and data entry by an operator. i.e. OOOI times, delays, SSR, bay/gate, etc. Native support is for Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone / iPad and BlackBerry.

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