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Unleashing insights for high-performance airlines

Unleashing insights for high-performance airline crews

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Performance, Elevated

Airlines face pressures like few other industries – heavily regulated, highly competitive, ultra-visible and with incredibly tight margins. Over 800,000 pilots and crew worldwide must be optimized to balance performance, cost, compliance and crew satisfaction.  

That’s where merlot.aero comes in - our airline crew operations and optimization software helps airlines arrive at the best decisions, faster than ever before.

Unlocked Efficiencies

Harness big data to optimize block times, crew schedules, and reduce crew costs

Happier Crews

Attract and retain crews with smarter crew management and mobile engagement

Fewer Disruptions

Proactively avoid potential disruptions with airline recovery software for unexpected events

Compliance Friendly

Leverage built-in compliance logic and crew algorithms based on industry standards

Elevating airline performance, worldwide

Insights Across the Crew Lifecycle

By combining our crew operations, optimization and engagement software with the power of the cloud, merlot.aero is able to drive increased performance across the crew lifecycle like no other


Long-range scenario analytics for improved airline workforce management and greater planning accuracy


Optimize near-term crew scheduling, pairings and rosters plus predict and avoid costly disruptions


Quickly interact through the crew portal and mobile apps for stronger engagement, governance and data quality


Evaluate trends and opportunities to continually improve airline optimization

Strategic data & automation

Crew Operations

Our Crew Operations solutions create a strategic data foundation for brilliant airline crew management decisions with robust business logic across crew training, crew scheduling, crew tracking and governance - all from one cloud-based solution.

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Powerful analytics

Crew Optimization

Unleash airline optimization software for brilliant decisions every day - from long-range scenario planning and workforce management, to month-ahead crew schedule and roster optimization, and responsive airline recovery.

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Take off to performance, elevated

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