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About the shift from experts to experts-as-a-service

Air travel is an industry that demands perfection. So why are so many complex scheduling, resourcing and planning decisions still left to chance?

At merlot.aero, we are unearthing intelligence-assisted decisions to help airlines leave chance behind - where huge volumes of data and powerful algorithms help to perfectly balance performance, productivity, compliance and crew satisfaction.
The merlot.aero airline performance platform shapes long-range strategic initiatives and workforce plans with new levels of precision, optimizes near-term decisions for perfect schedules and disruption avoidance, delivers with confidence, and constantly learns how to do it better.

Every second of every day we are unleashing insights for high-performance airline crews.

Meet the TEAM

Introducing the experts behind brilliant decisions

Mark McCaughan
Founded merlot.aero in 2008 and now has 25 years of aviation software experience with a focus on enterprise SaaS innovation.
Scott Taylor
chief operations officer
20 years of aviation experience with a focus on airline operations performance, including 15 years at Qantas group (regional, mainline, international).
Annemaree Shaw
chief financial officer
15 years of experience across multiple industries both in New Zealand and the UK. Strong analytics and governance background.
James Braatvedt
Chief Strategy officer
13 years experience in B2B software leadership with specialist expertise in strategic transformation of industrial analytics solutions for growth companies.
Shane Stevens
Chief product officer
Over 20 years of airline optimization experience with focus on crew rostering including time at Etihad
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