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Merlot Aero is a New Zealand based software development company with a reputation as an innovator of high-performance airline operations management solutions. We have decades of experience developing industry-leading solutions for airline operations. We continually receive praise from our clients for our Legendary Service, something we don’t take for granted and strive to achieve day-to-day. The game has changed for airlines, and merlot.aero has revolutionised airline technology to ensure your airline is profitable, responsive and competitive.

merlot.aero’s products are deployed via a true cloud-computing solution. The solution combines Software as a Service (Saas) principles for real-time data and web services enabled applications which can be deployed over a private or public cloud platform offering true cloud reliability and uptime performance.

The applications within the merlot.aero suite covers compliance management as well as many facets of a standard airline operation – from crew planning and management, aircraft planning and management to maintaining interaction with the crew via intelligent applications and modern internet based portals. We have also developed and extensive set of optimisation products and services designed to increase savings, efficiency, and most importantly, the profitability and performance of your airline.

From start-up airlines to established carriers, low cost to full service, cargo to RPT, international to domestic, we turn airlines into high-performance businesses.

If you’re looking to put your airline on track to ensure its preparedness for the long term, then look no further than merlot.aero, for a game-changing technology solution built on integration, scalability, performance, and flexibility. Call merlot.aero today.

merlot.aero’s commitment and focus on achieving excellence in the development of airline operations management software solutions have been recognised by the industry.

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We are merlot.aero

At merlot.aero, we focus on three very important words.

People, Passion and Product.

When you join merlot.aero, it’s not by chance. People who join merlot, do so because of their passion for our product and the opportunity to revolutionise the industry they love.

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