Kiwi tech firm receives prestigious international industry award New Zealand airline software company.

merlot.aero has been internationally recognised with an innovation award for its solver product. The prestigious innovation award has recently been won at an industry event run by AGIFORS – (Airline Group of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies) in New Delhi, India and was judged by industry peers and airlines in the medium to large airline category.

Merlot.aero Chief Executive Mark McCaughan says the award is a massive endorsement of the merlot.aero product and its growing capabilities in an area which is the fastest growing with high margins.

“The solver product is a mathematical algorithm that provides a way in which airlines can find an optimal solution to scheduling aircraft and crew. In a world where airlines are constantly driven by both minimising their costs and maximising utilisation of their aircraft and staff, our product provides a meaningful return on investment,” Mr McCaughan said.

Merlot.aero’s cutting edge tools smartly forecasts, organises, predicts, measures and reports on daily aircraft and crew utilisation. It allows airlines to achieve regulatory compliance.Merlot.aero brings unique highly innovative airline operational solutions that are continuing to be a game changer in the industry and to its global network of clients.

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