Merlot Aero’s Optimiser Solution Receives Accolades for “Best Innovation” Award at ACIO 2018 in Shanghai, China

At the 3rd Airline Chief Digital & Innovation Officer Summit (ACIO 2018), an annual event co-organised by Shanghai Society of Aeronautics and China Eastern Airlines, Merlot Aero’s internationally acclaimed Optimiser Solutions won the Best Innovation Award. Mark McCaughan, CEO, Merlot Aero accepted the award on behalf of the team.

merlot.aero optimisation ACIO
Best Innovation Award – ACIO 2018

The two-day annual event was organised to discuss how airlines can embrace digital transformation and drive revenue by innovating the traveller experience. The conference saw renowned Chief Digital & Innovation officers and marketing/information technology/branding executives from over 40 airlines to discuss the challenges of going from a digital strategy to airline strategy.

merlot.aero’s Optimisation Solution stood out in the Summit at Shanghai as it ensures an Airline of a digital transformation that can allow

  • Maximum ‘asset utilisation’ covering equipment, people and process
  • Enhanced strategic analysis and,
  • Increased accuracy and confidence in forecasting.
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