Turn your airline into a high-performance business with’s airline operations management system provides a comprehensive, cost effective solution for airline organisational and operational management. It covers all aspects of airline resource planning and control to ensure the safety, efficiency and quality of your crew and operational environment.

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The future of Crew Training has arrived: Manage with

Manage your airlines’ qualification programme in its entirety, from course planning and roster build through to mobile-client and assessment!

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Increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve crew satisfaction: Optimise Operations with

Learn how using’s Optimisation tools airlines can achieve crew efficiency gains of from 2% to 8%!

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Businesses of all sizes are running their operations in the Cloud to reduce costs, increase security, simplify management, and improve accessibility

Read the whitepaper to learn how built on Microsoft Azure offers a flexible and yet comprehensive application that is designed and engineered specifically to meet the complex and growing needs of the airline industry. Leveraging the solution, most of the’s customers have experienced an increase in the bottom line in a short span.

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