Flexible Applications

Flexible Applications

In this digital age, it is essential to be able to see and understand the relationships within and among all pieces of information. Big data enables merlot.aero to analyse vast amounts of data about a topic, embrace real-world messiness and identify correlations between information.

The effects of big data are large on a practical level, as the technology is applied to find solutions for vexing everyday problems. merlot.aero can capture and review more data than ever before enabling systems to be implemented with new insights.

merlot.aero realises the need for an open architecture that allows a two-way flow of data. Because of this, we’ve designed our product with the ability to connect quickly and seamlessly with third-party applications while maintaining the core, Full Service Oriented Architecture which includes: database engine, reporting engine, messaging engine, integration engine and rules engine.

Our solution ensures a comprehensive portfolio of service-based solutions built on integration, scalability, flexibility and performance to help airlines gain freedom from their contracting IT infrastructures to conduct business in today’s world, the way they want and to be prepared for the future.

Airlines today are faced with ever-increasing amounts of data from numerous sources that need to be shared across a variety of devices, departments and external agencies. Meeting these needs requires constant investment in servers, operating systems, storage and networking. The merlot.aero database powered by Microsoft Azure is at the core of merlot.aero and provides an improved way to respond to these challenges with enhanced manageability and scalability. While the database(s) are deployed via a shared infrastructure approach, each customer has their own ‘SQL database’ to ensure all data is segmented and secured. This, in turn, offers peace of mind along with a robust and cost-effective solution.

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