Mobile Technology

Mobile Technology

Our CrewMobile application is designed to empower your crews to manage their work-life balance more effectively meaning they’re happier, more engaged, and more productive as an outcome.

With our CrewPortal and CrewMobile application, we eliminate the common communication barriers between the OCC and the crew and we make processes simpler, such as giving your crew members the ability to notify operations of their inability to work via the CrewMobile application on their personal mobile device. This notification immediately alerts your crewing officer who can then immediately resolve the crew shortage issue. Our automated best-fit solution then assists the crewing officer to select the best possible option to recover the situation, and with a single click can notify the standby crew member of their new duty and the replacement crew member can immediately acknowledge the changes.

Benefits to the airline include:

  • Increase Crew Engagement
  • Time Savings
  • Audit trails
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